Department of Foreign Languages

Guidelines for Internships

Interested students are encouraged to plan their internship ahead of time in conssultation with the appropriate faculty coordinator (see below). An internship is most appropriate for students who have completed 3302 Practical Conersation and 3303 Grammar and Composition in the appropriate language program. However, some students who have successfully completed a foreign language course at the 2002 level may be considered.

Criteria for Admission

  • A minimmum GPA of 2.5
  • A final grade of C or better in 3302 Practical Conversation and 3303 Grammar and Composition
  • Approval of program coordinator
  • The application process must be completed two weeks before the end of classes in the semester preceding the internship

Length of Internship and Number of Credit Hours Earned

  • Fall and spring internships will be a minimum of 15 weeks long; summer internships will be a minimum of 8 weeks.
  • Unless duly justified, no internship will be approved for less than 10 hours per week.
  • In order to determine the number of credit hours earned, consult the table below.

    Number of hours per week Total number of hours Number of credit hours earned
    10-11 150-165 3
    12-15 180-225 4-5
    16-20 240-300 6-7
    21-25 315-375 8-9
    26-30 390-450 10
    31-40 465-600 11-12

Application Process

The internship application process typically takes four to five weeks.

  1. Consult with the apropriate coordinator: Dr. Luc Guglielmi for French; Dr. Jaime Cruz-Ortiz for Spanish; Dr. Sabine Smith for German; Dr. Federica Santini for Italian; Dr. Liuxi Meng for Chinese.
  2. Print and complete the Internship Questionnaire.
  3. Print and complete the Internship Application Form.
  4. Consult your coordinator again to assure the appropriate completion of these documents. (Please note the revised Faculty Coordinator Guidelines).
  5. With the approval of your coordinator, contact the host organization.
  6. Print and complete the Learning Contract in consultation with your coordinator and the on-site supervisor.
  7. Complete all forms for both KSU and the host organization by the following deadlines:
  • For Summer: April 15th
  • For Fall: April 15th
  • For Spring: November 15th
Exceptions to the above-listed deadlines must be approved, in writing, by Dr. Olaf Berwald, Chair, Department of Foreign Languages. To receive approval you must have your completed Application ready, as well as a valid reason (in writing) as to why an exception should be made for you. Exceptions are approved based on a case by case basis.