Department of Foreign Languages

Resources / Placement Tests: College level examination program(CLEP)

College Level Examination Program (CLEP):

For the Department of Foreign Languages (DFL), Kennesaw State University only administers and accepts CLEP Subject Examinations for French, German, and Spanish. Examinees must be a currently registered student at Kennesaw State University in order to be tested at KSU. Students will not be permitted to take a CLEP exam or to receive credit by examination for a course in which the student is currently or was previously enrolled, unless the student withdrew from the course within the drop/add registration period.

All CLEP exams are computerized and are completed in one sitting; EXCEPT the CLEP Composition Modular exam. This exam requires two appointments. The first appointment consists of a 90-minute computerized multiple-choice exam. Upon passing this section the student will then make his/her second appointment along with another sitting fee of $22.00. The second appointment is a timed 90 minute typed essay (typed on the computer in Word).

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