Department of Foreign Languages

The Japanese Program

Through the Japanese program at KSU, students can achieve a familiarity with and competence in the language and culture of one of the most interesting peoples in the world, right here in the center of Japanese industry in the Southeast U.S.

Program Overview

Asian Studies minor

One course from JPN 1001~2002 fulfills the 3-credit hour requirement for the Asian Studies minor.

Asian Studies major

JPN 2001 and 2002 fulfill the 6-credit hour lower level language requirements for the Asian Studies major. Four courses of third-year Japanese fulfill the 12-credit hour upper division language requirement for the Asian Studies major.

Coming soon: Japanese minor

Teaching opportunities in Japan

On the JET program (Japan Exchange Teachers), participants work as assistant language teachers in schools, boards of education, and other government offices around Japan.

Employment opportunities

Since January 2013, Japanese-affiliated companies have invested over $350 million in Georgia, where some 500+ Japanese-affiliated companies currently operate. Some major Japanese firms in Georgia are Kubota Manufacturing of America Corp., NACOM Corporation, Yamaha Motor Mfg. Corp. of America, and YKK (USA) America, Inc. These investments into Georgia have created over 900 jobs for Georgians.


"Why Study Japanese? Concerns, Myths -- and Facts (By Amb. John R. Malott, April 11, 2014)

Top Ten Reasons to Study Japanese

Student Organizations (Language Clubs)

Japanese Culture Club
Japanese Culture Club Advisor: Kathy Negrelli