Department of Foreign Languages

Programs: Foreign Language Education

The Department of Foreign Languages offers three different programs leading to P-12 certification in a foreign language. Please click on one of the links below for more information.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the P-12 program in foreign language education is to prepare caring, knowledgeable, reflective practitioners who demonstrate proficiency in the target language, in current theories of human development, in learning strategies and in second language acquisition. In addition, pre-service practitioners will be versed in various approaches to teaching foreign and/or second languages, including the appropriate use of technology to enhance instruction.

The program is based upon the conviction that without a theoretical base there is no truly effective practice. Pre-service teachers will enroll in courses in the history, civilization, culture, literature, and grammar as well as field work and professional education grounded in the National Standards for Foreign Languages (the 5 Cs) to enable them to teach at all grade levels across the P-12 spectrum.

Program Resources

Program Advisement

Angela George
Program Coordinator, Foreign Language Education & Alternative Teacher Certification in Foreign Languages

Karen Graf
Program Advisor, French, German, and Spanish Education

Jamie Cruz
Program Advisor, Master of Arts in Teaching Foreign Languages