Department of Foreign Languages

Jeongyi Lee

Assistant Professor of Korean

Contact Information

Office: Kennesaw Campus
Pilcher (PS 375), Room 225A
Phone: 470-578-3239


Dr. Jeongyi Lee received a Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Georgia, specializing in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) with a concentration in Korean as a foreign/heritage language and learner motivation. Her research focuses primarily on linguistic analyses of language learners’ motivation as predictors of language learning outcomes from SLA perspectives that may lead to other comparative interdisciplinary studies. She is also interested in topics of linguistic adaptation and acculturation process among U.S. immigrants, especially code-switching between L1 and L2. Reflecting her joint interests in sociolinguistics and language variation, she is also interested in a language attitude study focusing on perceptions of written Korean varieties. Some other her research interests lie in language learners’ attitudes, motivations, acculturation, and outcomes in study abroad programs. Dr. Lee has been serving as Coordinator of the Korean Program since she joined the KSU faculty in 2013.


Ph.D., University of Georgia
M.A., University of Texas at Arlington
B.A., Seoul National University of Education