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Kristin Hoyt

Assistant Chair, Department of Foreign Languages
Associate Professor of Foreign Language Education and French

Contact Information

Office: Pilcher (PS 375), Room 218
Phone: 470-578-6449
Fax: 470-578-9135


Dr. Kristin Hoyt is Associate Professor of French and Foreign Language Education and serves as Assistant Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages. She teaches methods courses for both undergraduate and graduate FLED programs and also teaches various levels of undergraduate French. She serves as the FLED Coordinator for Field Experiences and is collaborating with Drs. Terantino and George on an ACTFL-funded Research Priorities project related to innovative work using the Instructional Field Observation Rounds Model (INFORM)for the field experiences component of FLED methods courses.

Dr. Hoyt has prior K-12 teaching experience and has broad experience with pre-service and in-service language teachers, as well as international visiting educators teaching foreign languages in US schools. As she continues in this work, much of her current outreach focuses on supporting professional exchange with foreign language teachers in P-12 schools and strengthening P-16 partnerships in and around metro Atlanta through collaboration; and currently, she is serving as Chair of KSU’s FLED Advisory Board.

Dr. Hoyt is engaged in ongoing classroom-based research related to advancing intercultural competence in language learners and has presented and published on her work. She is also actively presenting and publishing on her co-investigation with Dr. Paula Garrett-Rucks (Georgia State University) on integrated models for the preparation of foreign languages teachers that are focused on equipping P-12 language teachers for effectively teaching culture.


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