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Gregory Ewing

Part-time Assistant Professor of Latin

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Office: Pilcher (PS 375), Room 209
Phone: 470-578-2276
Fax: 470-578-9135


In addition to teaching Latin and coordinating the Latin curriculum at KSU, Dr. Gregory Ewing is the Chief Accountability and Research Officer for the Cobb County School District. Previously, he was the district administrator for foreign languages and ESOL for 13 years. He taught Latin, Italian, English, and ESOL at the high school level for 16 years and has 29 years of service in the Cobb County School District. He continues to teach Linguistics, Culture, and Methods courses for the ESOL endorsement for Cobb educators as well as serve as an Advisory Board Member for both the Inclusive Education Department (TESOL) and the Foreign Language Department.

Dr. Ewing holds the B.A. degree in Classics, the M.S. degree in Latin and Educational Policy Studies (double major) and the Ed.D. degree in Counseling Psychology. He also completed language training and studies in Venice and Rome Italy as well as Guadalajara, Mexico. Dr. Ewing is a former student of the late Dr. Marion Leathers Kuntz, Regents, Research, and Fuller E. Calloway Distinguished Professor Emerita in Classics and European Renaissance Intellectual History. He completed research and studies with Dr. Kuntz in Rome and Venice in 1985 and 2000 respectfully.

Dr. Ewing has authored and/or administered two major grants awarded to the Cobb County School District: the Teaching English Language Learner (T.E.L.L.) Grant ($1,000,000) by Dr. Judy Holzman in the KSU Foreign Language Department as well as serving as the primary author for the Amistad Language Grant ($940,000) both awarded by the U.S. Department of Education. He also co-authored a LUSO Foundation Grant for Portuguese language study for teachers in the Cobb County School District to participate in the Middlebury College summer language program for the last 9 years ($50,000).

Currently, Dr. Ewing uses his educational research and statistics skills in reporting student growth models from various standardized exams for schools and school leaders as well as serving as the Senior Cabinet Member for Research and Accountability programs, requests, and data transmissions for the 2nd largest school district in Georgia.

When not teaching Classics, Applied Linguistics, ESOL Culture, or ESOL Methods, he enjoys traveling abroad frequently, as well as reading and studying Italian and Spanish language and literature. His interests in the Classics focus on the Roman poets Vergil, Catullus, and Ovid.

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